Professional Tree Surgeon in Hampshire, Dorset and South London

Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood offers friendly and professional tree surgery, tree pruning, and firewood services in Hampshire, Dorset, and South London. Professionally insured to 5 million public liability. We have an impressive team of NPTC certified and insured tree surgeon employees whose commitment to excellence is unmatched. We remain dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer service through a continued investment in the latest technologies.

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Each species of tree responds differently to trimming and pruning techniques. If improper methods are undertaken, then the health of the tree can become compromised. Worse yet, poor pruning methods can cause the tree to die.

At Westbeams, we take great care to thoroughly inspect each tree, offering our years of advice as professional arborists to ensure the vibrancy and longevity of your trees and foliage. From tree trimming and pruning to stump and tree removal, we carefully complete each project properly and efficiently.

Safety and professionalism is always a great priority of our employees. The team from Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood takes the extra time and attention needed to provide only highest standard tree surgery services while continually protecting the integrity of neighbouring trees, shrubs, flower beds, and architectural structures.

Tree Care Services Throughout

Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood can provide a team of tree surgeons to most areas of Southern England, including:

  • Brockenhurst
  • Lymington
  • The New Forest
  • Southampton
  • Hampshire
  • Bournemouth
  • Poole
  • Dorset
  • London
  • Dulwich
  • Wandsworth

If at first you don’t see your town or borough already included in the list above, please feel free to contact us at 01590 690644 or by email

There is a very good chance that we have already provided our professional tree surgery services to someone in your local area. We will happily respond to your request in a friendly and timely manner.

Providing Tree Surgeon Services to the Highest British Standards BS3998

Westbeams team of NPTC certified arborists understands the individual needs of each type of tree. We are both fully equipped, professionally trained and insured to provide only the highest standard services. All of our our work is in line with British standards BS3998.

Healthy and vibrant trees and foliage in Hampshire, Dorset, and South London areas is our primary concern. But the pruning and removal of problematic trees can be very technical work. We use only the most advanced equipment and methods available.

Some of the services we offer
Initial Consultation:

As trees age , a variety of health risks can begin to develop. Some trees may begin to lean to one side while others may become too densely populated with excessive limbs that essentially compromise future growth. Our team of local tree surgeons will inspect each tree for possible health risks and happily provide our professional recommendations on the best possible courses of treatment.

Tree Pruning:

A dense canopy can be very unhealthy for a tree. It can also potentially reduce the amount of sunlight to other areas of your landscape. Through our professional tree surgery services, Westbeams will reduce the overly heavy limbs to a more manageable form which will also stimulate future growth. Due to our years of experience in the industry, newly pruned trees will look both natural and elegant.


Pollarding is a technique used that reshapes the tree into a more beautiful form than it would naturally grow on its own. In cases where a tree has grown very tall, pollarding techniques can be performed to reduce its height to a more manageable and regal size. In the end, your trees will exhibit a more manicured appearance, while retaining a natural shape.

Crown lifting:

Crown lifting is a technique used to reshape the tree by reducing the density of some of its low-hanging branches, to increase the space between the lower branches and the ground. This can create more usable garden space while restyling the tree to a more elegant appearance. When completed properly by our professional team of local tree surgeons, your trees will still retain a very natural aesthetic look.

Crown thinning:

This is a type of pruning process where we reduce the density of the tree’s upper canopy. Crown thinning promotes better health and long-term grown for the tree and also increases the amount of light through to other areas surrounding the tree.

Hedge and Shrubbery Management:

Our team of professional arborists is also very knowledgeable about the many difference species of hedges and shrubs, which also require regular trimming and pruning in order to stay healthy and strong. We will happily attend both trees and shrubbery, maintaining them to the highest standards.

Tree and Stump Removal:

The safe removal of unhealthy trees and stumps should only be completed by a professional arborist. During our initial inspection, our team of NPTC certified tree surgeons will offer our advice, providing the best possible solutions for possibly saving a beautiful tree. But in some cases, felling or removal may be required. By employing advanced rigging and dismantling systems, Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood will complete the process in a friendly, professional and timely manner.

Stump Grinding:

Westbeams can also grind the remaining stumps and dead roots, removing the debris from your property. This process will leave you free of all of the stump and if required, the surrounding roots, which will enable future re planting.

Tree Planting:

Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood also specialises in the planting of trees. In some cases, we can simply transplant an existing tree to a safer location or to a better area of the property that will promote its greater, long-term health.

Please feel free to call 01590 690644 or email for an initial consultation.

Westbeams provide professional tree surgery and tree removal services. When searching for a Professional Tree Surgeon in Hampshire, Dorset, South London, surrounding areas, or any of those listed overleaf. Westbeams Tree Care & Firewood is always dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

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