Seasoned Logs For Sale At Westbeams
We have ready to burn seasoned logs for sale. All of our split firewood is barn stored and we deliver throughout the New Forest, Southampton and Bournemouth.
How we sell firewood

Our logs are sold in large builders bags (known as 1 ton or cubic meter bags) For your reference a 1 meter is roughly 3.5 feet (these bags are roughly 3.5 feet each side of the cube). These one ton builders bags are the most common way of buying and selling seasoned logs. This way the customer knows exactly what they are buying, rather than truck and trailer loads which can be hard to compare.

Our preferred method of selling firewood for your fire is by the cubic meter (in the 1 ton bags). However if the customer requires any other varied sizes or quantities we will be more than happy to cater to your needs.

Individual sizes of our logs

There are many ways of burning firewood, open fires, log burners and outdoor heaters. It doesn’t stop there as sizes of these burning systems will vary, depending in most occasions on the space available in and around the property. For these reasons we offer different sizes of logs, ranging from 6 to 16 inches. The most common order is 8 – 10 inches per log. This does not affect the quantity the customer will receive as the bags will still hold the same amount wood.

How we deliver your firewood

Due the extensive areas we cover throughout Hampshire, Dorset and London and the fact that the winter seasons can be a extremely long and busy period of our year, we have to have enough vehicles to cope with demand, that are capable of delivering firewood. We also have variations of vehicle sizes to cope with delivery location logistics and have never had trouble making a delivery.

We are offering FREE DELIVERY on all our split wood sold through out the New Forest, Southampton and Bournemouth areas.

As well as one ton builders bags, we have other quantities/sizes of logs for sale which are available on request.

Locally sourced firewood

All of our seasoned firewood comes from the tree felling that our NPTC qualified tree surgeons undertake. All of our wood and cord wood is processed at our yard using a hydraulic log splitter and barn stored. The processing of firewood is a time consuming and methodical process. When splitting wood, smaller off cuts are always produced and we use these smaller pieces to sell as kindling. If you require any kindling wood please ask us for further details.

If you would like any further advice or our Tree Surgeons to take care of any of your tree work or gardening needs, please feel free to Contact Us 01590 690644 at Westbeams Tree Surgeons and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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