Log Splitter Hire

We offer log splitter hire

If you are interested in renting a log splitter, here at Westbeams we offer a log splitter hire service. You can rent our log splitters for day to day use, we can deliver and collect for you. One of our employees will stay onsite operate the machinery and do the log splitting.

Using a splitting axe to split firewood is efficient for a smaller amounts of straight wood, but when you want to get through larger quantities, especially when wood becomes more dense and knotty, swinging a axe for longer periods of time can become very grueling on the human body, resulting in long term back, shoulder and arm problems.

Log splitter hire | Our prices

1 day hire with operator – Please Contact Us for a quotation – 01590 690644 – info@westbeams.co.uk 

Included in this package: Log splitter, Operator and Fuel for the day, Free delivery within a 15 mile radius.

If you would like to see the log splitter in action please see our video below.

Hydraulic log splitter are fast and effective

The log splitter hire machines that we use are engine driven hydraulic log splitters, designed for maximum performance which capable of tackling most sizes and variations of logs. These machines are extremely efficient, very economical, and require minimum effort from the user compared to using a axe.

Like most energy sources, buying split logs can become expensive if you tend to burn a lot of firewood throughout the year. If you have access to a supply / stock of wood which needs splitting, then splitting your wood with a hydraulic log splitter can often be far more cost effective.

If your going to buy cord wood or wood by the truck load, then having to pay for the hire of a log splitter on top could of the man hours involved in processing the firewood can work out a more expensive option than buying wood already split straight from a supplier. You really need to weigh up the costs to assess if its worth you while to go to the trouble of splitting the wood yourself.

For more information on our log splitter hire or guidance on a purchase of a log splitter please do not hesitate to contact us.

Although hours of labour can be saved by using a log splitter, you must beware that this is a hazardous activity. Only trained adults should operate a log splitter.

Contact us info@westbeams.co.uk  or 01590690644.

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