How to season firewood for winter

How to season firewood for best burning

Your firewood should always be as dry as possible. In this section we will explain to you how to season firewood. Not only is it very tricky to get a fire started with wet/damp wood, it does not burn with as much heat, can be detrimental to your chimney, create a lot of soot and cause chimney fires. This is due to producing less heat and creating more condensates in the chimney.

how to season firewoodSeasoning your firewood is the process the wood goes through to extract its moisture content, the less moisture the better the wood will burn. The moisture content will need to be brought down to 25-20% from common values of 45-30%. The best way to achieve the correct moisture content is to split your wood into as smaller logs to allow the wood to dry quicker. The length of time to season firewood will depend on the type wood. Ideally denser types of hardwood could do with being seasoned for 1-2 years, however lighter types of softwood will season in 6-12 months as this is less dense.

A moisture gauge is used to test the moisture content in wood. There are a lot of moisture gauges on the market, deciding on the right gauge can be confusing. We and other professionals use and always recommend If your looking for quality, the Stihl moisture gauge.

If you are going to have a tree felled for burning, the best time for this will be in the winter months (November – January) as the sap would not have risen due to the tree being dormant. At the start of spring the sap in the tree will start rising and therefore if the tree is cut down during this period, it will take longer to season the firewood due to being wet.

When the firewood is being left to season it needs to be protected from the rain and should be raised from the floor.  Air needs to be able to circulate around the wood to enable it to dry efficiently. Pallets are useful in how to season firewood as they  keep your wood raised.

If you are storing the wood in a log store we would recommend the sides to the store has open vented slats to give better airflow. When using tarpaulin make sure the wood is not completely covered to stop the wood sweating to allow sufficient ventilation. It is good practice to stack the firewood as to allow the air to circulate as much as possible, rather than a pile of wood which will restrict airflow and slow the drying process.

A good firewood supplier will know how to season firewood, they will have large quantities and plenty of space to store to wood, so all the customer receives is seasoned logs.

What you have read in the above section is the the best practice of how to season firewood. If you have any questions on how to season firewood or other related subjects please do not hesitate to contact us.

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