Log Splitter Hire

We offer log splitter hire If you are interested in renting a log splitter, here at Westbeams we offer a log splitter hire service. You can rent our log splitters for day to day use, we can deliver an

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Planting Trees Around the Worl...

Planting trees worldwide Planting trees is the process of planting tree seedlings, more commonly for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purposes. It differs from the plantation of larger

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How to season firewood for win...

How to season firewood for best burning Your firewood should always be as dry as possible. In this section we will explain to you how to season firewood. Not only is it very tricky to get a fire start

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Fencing quotes online for your...

Fencing quotes online making life easier Providing you a easy option of receiving your fencing quotes online. We supply and install all types of fencing. If you would like a free estimate, this is th

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Leyland cypress growth rate | ...

Leyland Cypress Growth Rate Leyland Cypress growth rate is 3 to 4 feet per year when young and remains green even if it is grown in poor soils. This makes the plant to be able to attain of up to 50 fe

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Cutting Trees with Professiona...

Cutting trees in your garden There are times when cutting trees on the property becomes necessary. If the property owner has a plan to build a new structure or extend an existing structure then the tr

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Why the removal of trees may b...

Is it time for the removal of trees on your property? How can you know when it’s time to remove a tree from your property? Deciding to remove a single tree or a multitude of trees can be a difficult

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Garden storage box | Buyers gu...

Where to buy your garden storage box? You can buy a garden storage box at most Home Depot stores and then transport them to your property and assemble them there or you can buy the storage box online

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Log Store|Keep your wood dry...

Use a Log Store and keep your wood dry throughout the year If you own and use or are thinking of potentially owning and using any wood burning device, such as open fires, wood burners, outside wood bu

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A Brief Guide To A Crown Reduc...

Understanding a Crown Reduction At Westbeams Tree Care, we can carry out a huge range of different tree related tasks to a high standard. One of our most common services though is a crown reduction. F

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